The Universe is in choas.

The discovery of faster-than-light travel had initially been considered a boon. When first discovered, the scientists of Gaia had shouted to the world that a new glorious era of peace and prosperity was soon to come. That all the problems of the world would be solved by intersteller travel. For the first time in decades, the whole population of the world had set aside their differences and united under one banner to explore the universe. To contact extraterrestrial life and to become leaders of tne galexy.

They found nothing.

IT wasn’t long after that the problems started. While trasporting matter at FTL speeds was relativly easy so long as it was attached to a drive, transporting data proved less so. Convincing data of any kind to stay above FTL speeds was problematic at best. Worse, the cost to send a FTL probe was little better than sending a manned frieghter, or even a cargo ship. Colonization soon outstripped communication, and not long after individual colonies began to split from the empire. Falling away one at a time, the change was subtle at first. Becoming more noticable as time went on. Initially the Gaian council sent ships to secure their interests, and many vast battles were waged on the outer ring of different systems. Despite their action, or perhaps in spite of it, more and more colonies began to break away. Eventually even warships began to vanish, lost in the void or commendeered by colonists as their crews were defeated. Some rumors even have surfaced of rogue ships, which have mutanied from the empire and set themselves up as pirates, traders, or worse.

The Empire has imploded.

Set in a homebrewed final fantasy universe, the crew of the starship Destiny are the cast-offs of society. Criminals, exiles, and thrill-seekers all, they have banded together for one purpose: survival. Under the meagre protection of one commander of the Oya Space Station, a whole universe of adventure and excitement awaits!

The Final Frontier